Who is

“To know something is to love it.”
That’s where it all began for Emjay.


Growing up, Emjay was heavily influenced by church. To even fathom waking up early on the weekend to attend Sunday school appeared to be too great of a task. However, just like all things that are worth it, they never come easy. “My grandfather would describe it as, “An early Sunday morning feeling”, for a lifetime of love”, says Emjay.

Just like music Emjay manages to be timeless, and universal. With an essence of love and soul captivated by his soothing, contemporary vocals, this developed for Emjay during his adolescent years when a friend insisted that he record himself after hearing Emjay sing a song by R&B singer Joe titled, The Love Scene, coincidentally has been a great inspiration in the development of Emjay’s music as he was coming into his own sound. “His passion was evident and shined through his lyrics, this made me believe each and every word he sang”, says Emjay. A couple great musical influences that have also assisted Emjay in uncovering his passion include Donny Hathaway and Sam Cooke.

In Emjay’s late teens he landed his first record deal with an independent label out of Atlanta Georgia. This helped groom Emjay for the industry in various ways. However, this wasn’t the peak of Emjay’s success, it was only the beginning. Being the aspiring artist he was determined to be, Emjay spent some time traveling the U.S to explore his music career. During his travels he gained new experiences and used these experiences to develop as an artist. This development propelled a desire for a new sound. Emjay, like many others, was captivated by the romance that is often associated with the Spanish language. Admirably, Emjay was fascinated by the romantic soothing sound of the Latin language he began learning to speech Spanish in his teenage years thru his Latin friends, soon becoming fluent in the language. Immersing himself in the Latin culture, Emjay gained an inspiring new perspective while encompassing the Spanish language. Falling in love with music all over again, but now with versatility.

This allowed for a unique and integrated fusion of soul and Latin romance like never seen before. Emjay later settled in Los Angeles where he reconnected with a long-time friend and music industry’s elite producer and songwriter, Rico Love. Emjay later relocated to Miami, Florida where he continued to work on assorted R&B collaborations with him. A record, produced by Rico Love, titled Promise for Romeo Santos featuring Usher lead to Emjay being featured on Romeo Santos Formula 1 tour. Shortly after Emjay realized he had found himself touring with the King of Bachata, Romeo Santos.

The tour went on for approximately 3 years, as they ventured through South America, Europe, North America and the United States. During this tour Mexico gained a special place in Emjay’s heart. After the tour ended Emjay made the decision to relocate to Mexico for 2 years. There, he perfected his craft while living amongst the latin culture. Emjay is currently located in Miami and has continued to work with long-time friend, and super producer Rico Love. With an incredibly unique blend of R&B, Bachata, Reggaeton, and a hint of Pop, that spends beyond culture and barriers. Emjay will continue to heighten before our eyes with his love for music.